list_button_black_small  Pediatrische kliniek

This overall concept is a model for a paediatric clinic that can be modified to fit different sites. The actual building will be made according to the specifications of a specific location and what is available at this location. By this flexible approach different programs can be easily fit in. At this location, electricity and a water network are available. Extra water supply is made possible by using the large roofs to collect rainwater. In combination with a ceramic filter it is usable for drinking water as well. To reduce energy consumption and to be more self-sufficient solar energy is added, e.g., for an operating room. Local building materials we will use for this location are mud brick, brick, compressed earth brick, corrugated steel plating and reinforced concrete.

  • Projectnaam: Cara Yard
  • Locatie: Rwanda
  • Programma: Pediatrische Kliniek
  • Status: competitie (genomineerd)
  • In samenwerking met: APU, Jean Pierre Maissa