list_button_black_small  Makoko Floating school

Taken from the African Water Cities research report, NLÉ 2012:
“Our interest is to contribute to responsible and economically viable developments of African coastal cities. With our increasing alliances and supporters, we share a collective vision to develop contemporary African Cities on water. With the unique combination of our background, experience, and global network, our interest is in the establishment of a solutions and advisory platform for cities, while focusing on our core competences of architecture and urban design. We have started… with a small step by building prototype – a Floating School in Makoko. This prototype will be developed into other building types – a home, a shop, a playground – to gradually cultivate a new type of architecture and urbanism on water.”


BKVV is a collaborating partner for the floating school project by NLÉ. The floating school is part of the Africa Water Cities Project initiated by NLÉ – Shaping the Architecture of Developing Cities.

  • Projectnaam: Makoko Floating School
  • Locatie: Makoko, Lagos (Nigeria)
  • Programma: onderwijs
  • Status: uitgevoerd
  • Oplevering: 2013
  • In samenwerking met: NLÉ
  • Foto’s: Iwan Baan
  • Meer info: